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My Store DELON-Shampoo-Macademia Oil-354ml Rs. 560.00 Rs. 699.00
Delon's Macadamia shampoo contains Macadamia oil extract from the nut of Macadamia. Feel the immediate results and enjoy silky, soft, healthy looking hair that is simply gorgeous! These selected oils are renowned for enhancing state of mind and well-being with their delightfully fragrant aromas.
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My Store DELON-Shampoo-Coconut Oil-354ml Rs. 560.00 Rs. 659.00
Removes sebum build-up from hair follicles, prevents dryness, flaky scalp and dandruff Leaves hair soft, shiny, clean and refreshed Controls hair fall, induces hair growth Dermatologically tested, SLS and paraben-free Natural moisturiser and conditioner
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My Store DELON-Conditioner-Organic Now-325ml Rs. 528.00 Rs. 659.00
An Organic conditioner that is refreshingly scented using Aloe Vera Leaf Juice to leave your hair soft, smooth and healthy-looking. An infusion of natural fruit extracts leaves hair revitalised and deeply moisturised. This product is paraben and urea free, not tested on animals, biodegradable and has no added colour. It is an SLS and Paraben free cream-based formulation.
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My Store DELON-Body Wash-Macadamia Oil-354ml Rs. 520.00 Rs. 649.00
Bathe a dream! Delon's Macadamia body wash is infused with Macadamia Oil extracted from nut of Macadamia found in Australia. It's creamy formulae gently cleanses and nourishing and protecting skin. Enjoy added benefits of delightful Macadamia fragrance. Pull this out right before a great night, and you're sure to smell like a dream all night long! \n Contains essentials for great, squeaky clean skin. Made from pure and rich Macadamia nuts. Lathers beautifully to give a luxurious bathing experience
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My Store DELON-Body Wash-Coconut Oil-354ml Rs. 520.00 Rs. 649.00
Designed in Canada, with more than 60 years of beauty and health expertise, it nourishes and protects your skin with its SLS-free and paraben-free Body Wash! Coconut oil’s antimicrobial properties maintain skin health and eliminate dirt and harmful bacteria from the skin, preventing acnes and pimples
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My Store DELON-Body Wash-Avocado Oil-354ml Rs. 520.00 Rs. 649.00
Delon avocado body wash hydrate and moisturizes skin and restores skin damage Indulge in an exceptionally hydrating body wash with avocado oil to help wash away the worries of dry skin and leave skin silky-soft Avocado oil body wash offers a rich silky lather with gentle, effective cleansing; Leaves skin feeling fresh, healthy, and clean Delon products are manufactured in Canada according to strict (usp) guideline
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My Store DELON-Avocado Oil Conditioner-354ml Rs. 528.00 Rs. 659.00
Delon’s avocado conditioner helps treat dandruff, treats split ends, moisturizes and brings back lustre and shine to the hair Infused with avocado oil delon conditioner strengthens hair and prevents hair loss and replenishes hair with vitamins Delon products are manufactured in Canada according to strict (usp) guideline, fda standard and have pharmaceutical manufacturing license by Canadian institutes of health research
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My Store DELON- Body Wash-Argan Oil-354ml Rs. 520.00 Rs. 649.00
Delon Moroccan Argan oil Body wash is one the nature's true skin moisturiser to hydrate and soften skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. Offers moisturized and hydrated skin after shower without any dry and scratchy skin feeling. Use LOOFAH for best body wash experience.





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